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Winter News! 

I can't believe that it's January already! 

It's hard to sum of the lack of updates in the last few months. I've been busy with the now mobile baby, which presents it's own set of challenges. I am hoping that 2017 will be the year that book four is FINALLY finished. Some of you will know that it's been researched and planned, but there's only a couple of chapters on paper.  I'm aiming to get my bum in gear after Easter and have one night a week where I do nothing but write the book. Feel free to nag!

Just before Christmas I had a job interview and I've now started training to be a Weight Watchers coach. The training is hard work, but I've met lots of lovely people and am looking forward to getting started. I know your thinking that this mean's I'll actually have less book writing time, but honestly evenings here I don't get anything done (washing, cooking, cleaning and looking after children doesn't count right?!) and it'll actually give me a bit more child free time. Watch this space!

 I have been trying to keep my author page more up to date with books I'm reading. You'll find the recommendations on my Facebook author page page (here) so make sure you pop over to keep in the loop.

#happyreading to all those who have recently downloaded!

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