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Winter News! 

So it's now 2019 - how did that happen?!

It's hard to sum of the lack of updates. As usual I've been busy working full time with two small children. As you may have noticed that the writing process hasn't been going as quickly as I anticipated.   

Book Four - so there is some news! Now that the smallest troublemaker has her nursery hours (thank you government) I am back to writing. At the moment, it's a couple of hours a week. But every little counts right? I have book four and book five planned, and I'm currently writing away in my new office (that makes it sound glam, so we will leave it at that) I am trying to work out if I want to write book four or book five first, so I'm writing a few chapters of each and then I'll be sending them out to my team of proofreaders because I'm very indecisive. It'll probably come down to a majority rule. Either way, I'm fairly confident that book four (with plot a or b) sould be published by Summer 2019.  I know i've said this before, but I'm going with third time lucky.  Feel free to nag!

I have been trying to keep my author page more up to date with books I'm reading. I've recently read some amazing books by a bloke called John Marrs which are definitely worth checking out. You'll find the recommendations on my Facebook author page page (here) so make sure you pop over to keep in the loop.

#happyreading to all those who have recently downloaded!